The One Hit Wonderland

Starring chart topping 90's pop star Chesney Hawkes and Radio 4 comedian and best-selling author Tony Hawks

Chesney and Tony discovered a while back that they have more than a surname in common. They're both one hit wonders - and thoroughly nice chaps. They struck up a friendship and began meeting occasionally to write songs and chew the fat.

Join Tony and Ches as they interview each other about their lives, sing some of the songs that have influenced them and shaped their careers, and do battle for who can get the biggest audience response to their 'hit'.

Obviously he thinks it's his, but I know it's mine...

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"A fantastic evening was had by all, with hilarity, fabulous music and great tales from these guys who have so much in common"

"Just one thing: Tony Hawks has an MBE and I think Chesney Hawkes deserves one" The Beat

"A wonderful evening. Funny, at times moving, with great music and repartee." Metro

"Hawks and Hawkes work terrifically together and are great entertainers. Warm and uplifting." Buzz Magazine

"What's Hawkes doing with Hawks?" Nik Kershaw

"What's Hawks doing with Hawkes?" Jack Dee